Vintage Coif/Formal Up Do’s ~ are the hottest hairstyle worn this year on runway carpets. Inspired by the 40’s and 50’s look, this hairstyle can be worn with short, medium or long hair. After setting the hair on small or medium sized rollers, hair can be molded into a soft wave pattern or pinned into a french twist or chignon. Be sure not to over saturate the hair with hairspray, so it stays soft and easy to manage.

Coordination ~ One of the biggest mistakes we make during the holidays are over coordinating our image. A fabulous hairstyle combined with a sexy dress, bright make-up, and over the top accessories, can make for an overdone Holiday mess. Be sure your entire look is coordinated and everything complements each other. If you decide to wear a classic cocktail dress and add a bold vintage accessory, don’t over due it on the hair or make-up. Instead, try opting for a vintage coif/up do. Remember you don’t want to be in competition with the holiday décor, so keep it simplistic and sheek.