Not many people know the term updo. It may also bun. But if the bun, it would all nod knowingly. Yes, updo or bun is nothing but the language of separation in order updo is not identified with conventional bun. The reason this one is not the type of bun that traditionally rigid and bloated version of it. Updo born without a grip. His model is the result of improvisation techniques. Using minimal equipment. The execution of the practical and intended for those who want stylish semiformal but still beautiful. This trend re-sticking in the event of New York Fashion Week 2010 which was held in February last. Two designers Badgley Mischka and Monique Lhuillier let the model look updo when demonstrating their collections. Like what updo model on display that? Nelson Vercher, the stylish hair from the Rita Hazan gave the nickname of his work that updo futuristic. It looked like a vertical roller at the back of the head.

The Rita Hazan salon is located on Fifth Avenue, New York, which is the regular partner of New York Fashion Week. This salon is also a favorite place of celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Carmen Electra, Brooke Shields, Oprah Winfrey to do her hair. Back to updo, another characteristic of this Vercher's work is the maximum neatness hairdo. Unlike other updo that often leave no branches around the bun.

«Lift and Roll hair upward until the neck sticking out. As a result, the face looked gaunt and not stretchy. »

Vercher also do not want to overdo the accent bun add it. Just twist a focused and moving from the crown until the middle of the back of the head. What makes a futuristic impression of this style is the model's hair color golden brown glow. Yes, Vercher did choose models that have colored hair (non black) to reinforce his theme that accent. In addition, Vercher also introduced the modernization of Japanese-style bun geisha. In his hands, bun geisha a bloated like sprouts that, pressed down until fistful hand. Although, the geisha's updo, Vercher still maintaining a large curve at the front hair. The difference is the presence of bangs as a sweetener accent on the front.