Go to the office does not mean you are not paying attention to hairstyle. If all of a sudden had a presentation in front of clients and your hair will definitely reduce the clutter confidence.

For that to know the five simple hairdo from Antonio Prieto Salon, hairdresser in New York, are like quoted from the Self. Five hairstyle is easy to apply making it suitable for the style to the office.

1. Horse Ponytail
Horse ponytail hairstyle can be applied in all situations. The perfect top-knot should be placed below the crown area, then followed in the line of ear hair tied back. To cover top-knot ties take a few inches of the bottom of the hair, cover the top-knot and fasten with a barrette.

2. Break off a ballerina
To break off hair like a horse hair tassel. You just play it until the cover-shaped top-knot and break off. Use hair clips to organize so as not to fall apart.

3. Braid
The meaning is not a tight braid style and rigid like a child. However, more modern style. Begin to braid hair with not too tight from the section of hair at the base of the neck. This style is also often called Loose Braid.

4. Classic bob
Classic bob never cracked the time-consuming. You look professional with a stylish bob. Keep the pieces a little below the chin to grow just below the shoulder. If you live arranging elongated hair for more texture.

5. Pixie
Short, simple and does not need much regulation. To still get the impression feminine, keep the hair texture and softness.