When Emma Watson length brown hair cut short last year, while world attention focused on her 20 years of starring Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series. The look on his face unique feminine and smart Hermione-direct-changes become more mature, sexier, and more modern.

Watson later admitted bored with long curly hair that should not be withheld during the 10 years since the film contract. "When the contract runs out, I think it's time (to experiment with hair)," said Watson. And a super short pixie cut that's changed appearance.

Change the appearance can be done by changing the cut and hairdo. Long hair, do not always synonymous with feminine women. And conversely, short hair was always a tomboy. Example Backham Victoria always looks elegant and feminine when long hair or short.

Long hair or short hair can be fixed in accordance with one's personality. "Most importantly, her hair according to face shape and confident," he said.

In the year 2011, the short haircut will be a trend. The character of society is now very practical. Based on the survey, the results showed eight out of ten women want everything fast, quick, efficient and straight to the core problem. And it appears to the various aspects of life including haircuts.

Actually, the short hair trend is not something really new. In the 1980's, short curly hair bobo popularized by Madonna, in this period-style crew cut hair Demi Moore also became a role model. In the era of the 1990s, short hair style of Victoria Beckham's asymmetrical bob become a trend. While in the 2000s, the increasingly popular short hair styles.

Call it the Pink cut his hair dyed pink pixie (as the name implies), there is Rihanna, who cut his hair and was bald asymmetrical carved on one side, pieces of asymmetric bob a la Victoria Beckham is also a choice for elegant impression. Short haircuts are timeless, only variations are more and more.

The difference is that old people tend to copy the exact same hair celebrities, in this year's short hair trends are even more personal. Tailored to the personality and character of each individual. Because of that, he said, the professional salon has its own challenges. "Not only is necessarily cheating celebrities styles but each makes its own trends in accordance with client's character," he said.

Short hair is practical, easy to set up, does not require too much time to care, and strong character. That's why this style tends to exist all the time.