Some women have difficulty in lengthening hair. Not infrequently, how quickly such as 'hair grafting' (hair extensions) of choice. In fact, connecting the roots of the hair can make hair become brittle, causing hair loss problem.

Rather than adding new issues, better use natural ways to quickly make hair long. The following 7 steps are quoted from Carefair sharpshooter.

1. Vitamins: Vitamins are needed throughout the body including hair. If the vitamins that you consume less, then by itself, nutrition received was not enough hair. If received less nutrition, the root of the hair will become brittle. Volume was more thinning hair. This makes it difficult to grow. If necessary, additional multivitamin / mineral supplements to complement your needs. Using a special hair vitamins can also be a good way out.

2. Check the hair tip: Do not forget to check the ends of your hair regularly. Branch and drought at the end of the hair is also one of the causes of difficult long hair. Nothing wrong to cut the ends of your hair 1-2 cm long on a regular basis each month (trimmed). It can also make hair beauty awake.

3. Overcome dandruff: Dandruff is one of the problems commonly experienced. The emergence of dandruff on the scalp will also make the hair brittle and fall out. So if dandruff appears, do not take for granted. Use a special shampoo to overcome them. If the dandruff that appears more severe, you should consult a dermatologist.

4. Make a smooth flow of blood in the scalp: A lack of nutrients in the hair could be due to blood flow in the head which is not smooth. Nursing as creambath (scalp massage) can make blood flow in the head to be smooth. If you did not get to the salon, gave time to wash it longer. Massage your head from the base of the forehead down to the rear. Do not rub too hard.

5. How to comb: How to fix my hair should also be considered. Hair combed the wrong way to create broken and damaged hair. After shampooing, do not comb your hair with a comb brush, because it would make it broken. Choose the fork to comb fingers are rare. Trim back your hair when dry.

6. Keep it clean: Lazy shampoo will make your hair hard long. In the shampoo also contained the necessary nutrients to grow hair. Also, let the dirt stuck to the scalp will make hair damaged. Minimum Wash every other day, for the scalp moisture is maintained.

7. Eliminate stress: Stress that you are experiencing also affect the health of the hair root. Metabolism is messed up because of stress will make hair healthy disrupted. Nothing wrong to relax and unwind for a while. Forget the mind and the burden that you experience. To the salon and doing hair and body care can also be a way out you to overcome the stress disappears. Hair and body more beautiful, your stress is gone.