Bob haircut is now a trend again! Because of demand, some women did not even notice anymore whether or not a face in accordance with this bob model. Rather than look stylish, looks even less 'value'! Actually, what kind of face shape that fits with this bob hairstyle?.

Long Face Shape
Chin-length bob hair according to your face, ask the hairdresser for the bottom layer of hair given. Leave bangs to offset a long face shape. Avoid straight bob model because this model will make your face look even longer.

Heart Face Shape
Heart face shape is characterized by the pointed chin and jaw firmly. Bob hairstyle that is cut straight match without an accent layer. Avoid bob hairstyle that the sides are too heavy as heavy layers or waves on the right side and left the hair as it will 'eliminate' the dramatic cheekbones.

Oval Face Shape
The oval face shape tends to a balanced and proportionate, so that almost all the pieces of hair can be applied to an oval face. Bob hair style is very suitable for your face. However, avoid using bangs are too many / heavy.

Face Shape Box
The texture of the hair style that is suitable for face shape suggested the box to give effect to soften the rigid jaw shape. You can use the textured bob hair style and dynamic with an accent layer.

Round Face Shape
Round Faces or round face sometimes make your cheeks become visible more chubby and plump. You do not match the length bob hair style on the chin because it will make the face look more round. Make your haircut with long bangs or side bangs that will make the face look longer