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Popular medium hairstyles are just long enough to be considered medium length hair, but are still long enough to place in a ponytail or an updo that can be transformed and leave the face open with the hair off of the face.

What are some of the most popular hair styles for straight hair at the moment? Medium hairstyles that can be created for short hair including changing it up and temporarily curling or adding body to the hair. This can be done by simply pinning and twisting wet hair into small rolls until the hair has dried. This can create a fun and laid back surfer girl look that can be completed with a small amount of styling spray.

If you are looking for an everyday style that can be created easily, simply drying the hair and straightening the hair can be an effective way to create sleek hairstyles that are worn down, rather than worn in an updo.

Medium hairstyles are perfect for creating styles that are half-up and half-down. These styles can be created by using pins and elastics to pin half of the hair on the head up, while leaving the bottom half down. Section the hair into a top and bottom half, and consider wrapping each side around each other to create additional sophistication with the style