Model of thick hair and straight bangs are "in" again, and much in demand by young female teens. Model and the thick straight bangs will make its user really need much to be different without making changes to the hair.

Hair model is also able to give the impression at once innocent and sophisticated. In terms of technique hairdo, thick straight bangs are better able to make many variations. For example, allowed to fall straight, styled or combed straight to the edge of the canopy so that it can lead to the impression of a somewhat curly hair.

Although this hair style ever muncel a few years ago, but the longer warm today still have differences and renewal. Style pieces can make the wearer look more modern. Made and long bangs.

If you want to try this hairstyle. The following steps may be used as reference:

1. Ask your hairdresser to cut bangs in the circumstances of dry hair, so there is definitely a long look with bangs are (in general, wet hair will look longer than when dry)

2. To setup, use the straightening cream and blow dry so straight. But not too much curled bangs into because it will make the bangs seem rounded.

3. This style is perfect for those long-faced and thin, they are also a wide forehead. In order for this face look more balanced, try asking your hairdresser to cut bangs with tip curved like the letter U

4. Style thick, straight bangs are inconsistent with small face and narrow. If you have a face like that and want to wear this style of bangs, ask your hairdresser to cut bangs with a straight edge without arch.