There are many tips in my hair
First is the choice of hair length will be selected, short, medium or long?

The following considerations would you prefer long hair:
1. Want to look younger
2. Want a practical, long hair combed just parsed and already looks neat, without the need to use a gel, jelly, etc. as if you select short hair
3. Hard face shape, can be softened with the long hair, or shapes the lips, nose, big eyes.
4. Your hair is fine, dense, and well groomed.

Short hair, if:
1. Want to quickly dry hair after shampooing.
2. Dare in styling hair, want to use the gel, etc.
3. Shape the nose, mouth or eyes petite
4. Do not want to bother combing your hair
5. More suitable for a distinguished heart face shape

1. Tired of short hair and medium hair lengthening
2. Do not want to bother my hair and comb
3. Hair is easily managed, because the hair is prone to bending out

Broken or tied up hair?

Bound / ponytail when:
1. Limp hair and not shampooing
2. Being tired, with lift and ponytail, looked a little fresh

1. Hair after shampooing
2. Want to wear hair accessories like clips, headbands, etc.
3. Fresh Face