For the past several years, straight and sleek hair style is so popular. But for 2011, hairstyle soft and dry with great wave model re-introduced.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is a fan of this hair style, as well as Brits Holly Willoughby and Kelly Brook. This is the style hairdo which gives the impression of girly and glamorous, as well as a reference trend for summer. Not surprisingly, women also choose a hairstyle like this for everyday.

Joel Silverman, creative director Daniel Galvin, said, "I have seen the trend of the number of requests that want a blow-dray model of large size, which hairstyle is preferred supermodel Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington."

In 2011, a wave model with curly hair more loose, so the hair on your appearance too impressed mess. Ideally, the model is suitable for hair like hair past her shoulders. But you also can try with a shorter hair style, but must avoid 'moshroom effect' that could reduce the effect of volume.