Curly hair that is what happened behind this and many people who glanced at this Cleopatra-style hairdo. Many who think old impressed curly hair, but make no mistake about it even looks sexy and unique and fresh look. If you have thick curly hair and you do not be sad but you are very lucky because the hair types are very popular. Basically the same curly hair with straight hair who always could and in accordance with various opportunities, but it all depends on creativity. These are some hairstyles that can be made, namely:

This model of spiral curly hair short hair owner of this requires more courage to be performed with a haircut like this. But this haircut look more fresh.

WAVE Entrance.
This model is perfect for those of you who have not dared try pure curls, this model can give a new look that is loose and curly asymmetrical cutouts on both the front end of the hair.

This force applies a sweetened with pure curly bangs the asymmetric model.

This model is for those of you who spirited romantic, this curly hair in a feminine style with a big roll model and a long bumpy.

Diagonal FACENT.
This is a model with curly hair gets cut diagonally and tapered front, this is perfect bagia you who dared to be different.