End of year there would be a lot of parties for you to go. To be different, it could not hurt to change your hair style. Before styling your hair for a festive new year, know the four hairstyles that will be a trend in 2011.

1. Short and straight

Short and straight hair
Style short hair and straight hair like Olivia Palermo model is very simple. With pieces of the layer is firm and long shoulder-length hair, you can easily arrange. Only by making the hair look healthy and glowing.

2. 'mess' with the natural impression

Hair style this one is likely to classical. You also do not have complicated hair. Simply spray and vise tool to form the impression of waves. To get an impression of nature, good hair with your hands and give the impression of 'messy'.

3. Bun down

Bun hair down
If you wish to attend the official events and you want to appear neat, Kim Kardashian hair styles like this could be an option. With bangs that fell with her hair piled up, will show the skin of the neck and became more sexy appearance.

4. Horse tail bottom

Horse tail hair bottom
Simple but classy. For this ponytail hairstyle really does not matter if your hair is curly or straight. Suitable for formal or casual party atmosphere