Bob pieces that become a trend this year will again be the trend next year. The difference, according to Gianluca, haircuts 2011 less play in asymmetrical cuts with bangs limited to the eye. "Straight or wavy hair did not matter, the important hair has a soft texture," says Gianluca.

Bob own pieces became popular in 1920. This hairstyle became a symbol of the freedom of women to the tradition at that time women who wear clothes with long versatile Edwardian-style hairdo. These hair styles began to dim in 1930.

In 1960, hair styles bob back a trend. Famous hairdresser Vidal Sassoon popularized this style. Since then, discount bob turns leading the trend. Cyndi Lauper, Madonna, Victoria Beckham is a celebrity who became a trendsetter this hairstyle.

According Shierly Nangoy, General Manager Makarizo, bob cut that to be the trend next year to have more detail variations. "Like a bob with layers, asymmetric clipping, or given the depletion," he said.

According to Gianluca, bob hair cut technique is just one piece only. Indeed, this technique is not easy. It takes skill to cut precisely with a single piece.

Though adept at using this technique, Gianluca expertise lies in coloring. "The color of brown and red like Mahogany with a little texture violet mix will be the trend next year," said the man born in Pescara, 37 years ago this.

Shierly agree. "In 2011, hair color trends still dianungi by the colors of the earth. Like the brown, red, black," said Shierly. According Shierly, there will be two color poles. "Those who tend to be more calm will choose the color of brown, black. While they are more fun, they will choose bold colors like red and copper, "said Shierly.