The appeal of Taylor Swift was not only a beautiful voice and his face. Apparently, many people agree that the Swift entitled to an award as a woman who has the sexiest hair in the world.

Swift won the award for based on poll results which held the Victoria's Secret. Lingerie giant company is successfully classify the winners of 16 categories based on the owner of the body and sexiest styles.

And now, at the prestigious American Music Awards 2010 have just held, the happy virgin hippie style is shocking the public with an unusual hairstyle.

Taylor is known to be fond of homemade headband wearing this, do have very thick curly hair. No wonder if not organized properly, his hair is a problem in the overall appearance. However, Taylor was well aware that he is a public figure. Because of that he always wanted to show the style of dress best.

Country singer Uncle Sam's country looks so beautiful with flowing hair straight. When he appeared ala usually teenagers, this time Taylor look elegant in a gorgeous black gown shimmering. To make up, Taylor is also savvy makeup to look natural. He only focuses on the areas of eye makeup, so that his eyes looked more sharp and dramatic like a cat's eye.

Well, for those of you who want to imitate the straight hair style bangs star Valentine's Day (2010), the manner of Style Bistro can you copy the following:

1. Dry the hair with a hair dryer until just slightly damp, so you do not have to worry about hair straightening afterwards.

2. Serum smeared as a moisture lock of hair, although the center is given the pressure of hot air.

3. Divide hair into sections, then start drying from the tip of the hair using a round bristle brush comb. Take sections of hair and pull it toward the bottom. Thereafter, end by adding a moisturizer for the hair look more smooth and shining.